I remember, When he hit me, abused me, bruised me,

I thought you’d come take me away, I knew you heard me from across the wall,

That was where I wept all day..

I remember, When I screamed that night,

My eyes were wet but no one else cried, Relief screamed in your silent eyes,

The night your little girl had died. 

Tying the knot is an expression that for most of us evokes happy memories of one of the best days of our lives. But the fun and the zeal of planning the wedding and the heady excitement of the first weeks of marriage will not be the experience of 13.5 million girls every year. Instead, the marriage they experience is a form of violence.

Violence against women and girls is a global scourge that affects millions of women every year. In fact, it is estimated that one in three women and girls experience violence in their lifetime. Child marriage is a sign of that viciousness.


She can’t turn to her family for help — they got her married,

She can’t turn to her husband — he is the one brutally tearing through her body,

She can’t turn to the law — the law does not address her plight with a remedy.

Let our girls lead a life of learning, interaction and physical activity to ensure a healthy standard of living. Education gives a girl direction, fosters her mental development, instills confidence, empowers her to be independent, engages her to be free and empowers her to unravel in the middle of good and bad. Absence of information, mindfulness and lack of awareness makes a bigger number of pits than sutures.

Let her walk through the school corridors and she will change lives,

Weave her into the knots of child marriage and she will regret whole life!