Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. However not everyone is able to appreciate, feel and love the numerous ways beauty presents itself!

Every skin type has its own individuality.
But then again, life’s not fair is it?

First of all, who said a beautiful woman has to be fair? Why can’t she be dark? Does the colour make one look really less beautiful? In India too, despite the supposed setback of possessing a dark complexion, many of our best and most successful models and actresses are decidedly dusky. And all the more beautiful for it, too! Why do people add the adjective ‘dusky’ and call a few ‘dusky beauty?’ Why do they differentiate between dark and fair complexions? Beauty is beauty! If someone says, “You look beautiful”, why add dark to it? Is being called ‘dark’ or ‘dusky’ in anyway discriminating? If a man is ‘tall and dark’, he is perceived to be handsome. But, if a woman is tall and dark, she’s not perceived to be beautiful. Why? Isn’t that strange? The subject of complexion has always been unnecessarily hyped everywhere.

So, now you have tried all the possible fairness solutions from creams to soaps. Has your skin colour changed? Has your confidence level been increased? 

A woman’s beauty or good looks come from who you are and not the colour of your skin. So, throw the fairness creams away and go out! Dare to date a woman who has the same skin tone as you have. Stop being colour blind! Stop ogling at fair women passing you by. Don’t you have better issues in life to care than this? Why don’t you accept yourself for the average looking you are bestowed with? Wear a smile on your face and do one kind deed every day. Of course, it is the sexiest curve that anyone can have.

On a final note, love the skin you’re in and beauty will follow…