I heard someone say that dance is the first one of the arts. I’d say that from all arts, dance is the one that engages more the entirety of the human being. The poet is not the poem, the sculptor is not the sculpture, the musician is not the music, the architect is not the architecture, the actor is the role s/he is playing, 


Dancing to me Is an occasion to celebrate happiness, a movement to release pent up tensions, an impromptu display of rejoicing, an artistic portrayal of body movement, a rhythmic physical presentation, It’s danseuse’s display of delicate balancing and the epitome of magnificence. Dance is the only thing that keeps me sane yet drives me so crazy. 



Dancing expresses the body in a way that only the soul can understand. It is a gift from God.


Dance when no ones looking

Dance harder when they are

Dance to heal a wound

Dance to heal a scar

Dance under the rain

Dance under the sun

Dance to the sound of the leaves

Dance to the song in your heart

Dance even though you know…

That your world is falling apart. 


Dance has allowed me a certain freedom of expression that I haven’t found anywhere else. A freedom to reveal my deepest fears and insecurities to a room full of people, yet never having to utter a word or give an explanation for it. Dance knows no bounds or limits. It is free and expressive and available to absolutely everyone (regardless of any excuses we might make to ourselves or others).

For me, dance provides a place of personal acceptance, inner resolve, security, fun and a forum for creative expression that knows no bounds. It is limitless and this lack of limits sets me free.

At this exact moment in my life, I’m a dancer.